Not Ready to Leave

I could have stayed longer. There were still so many things left to do.
Hike in Forest Park.
Visit OMSI.
Go to Hastings.
Hike to Ponytail Falls.
Ride the MAX {more}.
Shop at IKEA {longer}.
Walk along the river and watch jets land.
Photograph Mt. Hood.
He wasn't quite done thoroughly brushing this guy.

These two could have nuzzled for much longer.

Watching these goats wag their little tails provided endless entertainment. Yes, we could have done this for hours.

But their little legs got tired. And their stomachs hungry. And mommy only brought dried figs and circle crackers.

I could gaze on this beauty forever.

And there is that endless sand to squish and run in. Can we come back to the beach soon, mommy?

Yes dear, that would be lovely. For now, though, we are going to explore a completely different place. I hope you like it. :)