Rolling With the Punches

I gaze into the bright warm interior of the luxury recreational vehicle parked just opposite our small tents and feel the need to reassess why I am here.

Bare feet again muddied by the puddles and washed by the wet clover and grasses, I made the trek over to the laundry sink with a toppling load of dirty dishes, only to find it locked up for the night.

Things haven't been as rosy and over-the-top fun as I anticipated.

I've always been one to expect great things. An interesting museum exhibit {hands-on, kid-friendly}. A friendly, welcoming environment -- as if tourists are the most important people on earth. Hot showers. Fast Internet.

You could add happy kids, easy to sleep.

And then the unexpected -- a much longer drive, a wet campsite, sleep disruptions. And I swing violently from optimist to pessimist.

So why do we camp in tents? After driving many miles? To see something people say is fun to see? And why do we feel slightly underwhelmed and dissatisfied?

I'm working on answers to those questions.

For now -- I am trying to temper my outlook on tomorrow. It may be wonderful. Over the top beauty and fun. Or it may rain again and the clouds cover the views.

I remember a certain backpacking trip where it rained all day {it seemed} and we rolled with the punches, crowding into a small tent to play UNO. Best memory ever. Seems like I need to learn a lesson in rolling and adjusting when my expectations aren't met.

Let's roll, baby.