St. Anthony Sand Dunes

We decided to go a bit off course -- to check out these dunes. I wanted to take circle sleds and dress my kids in bright colors and take pictures of them rolling and jumping and sliding down the steep dunes.

It didn't turn out exactly like I imagined {when does it ever?} but we still had plenty of fun and will carry happy memories of the excursion. It was worth the side trip to Rexburg {and definitely the pizza and frozen yogurt}.

The kids had a ton of fun digging in the sand and burying each other, watching daddy jump and run and mommy roll, but probably had the most fun watching the dune buggies and dirt bikes.

The sand was extremely hot. It was a hot day. And we had to park about 3/4 of a mile from the first decent dune, so it was a long, hot walk. With quite a lot of protesting. But, you know, we've had protests every day this week and we continue to say -- "mommy and daddy know best...give it up". =) They'll learn. Sometimes they fight all the way to the ice cream shop. Then -- "". haha