We Brought a Chef Along

Bringing your husband along may add a whole new level of difficulty to car camping.

He cooks hot meals. Which could mean an extra cooler full of fresh vegies and other perishables. A camp stove, pots, utensils, etc.
He's really good at this.

This is something I have previously avoided -- not only do I like to travel light, I don't like to do the dishes. ;p So we would happily eat granola and applesauce for breakfast, maybe a bagel and cream cheese. But Chef Boyardee here -- he makes omeletes. And toast.

I'm not complaining! He's doing all the work. It might be nice to have a warm cup of cocoa tonight. Better than the typical cracker and cheese.

But kids -- don't get used to it. "Daddy, come be the chef." ~~Peter