Weekend Wambles

Kids Playing Together
My kids are awful cute now that they are talking to each other while they play. Well, most of it is "no Ezra" and "stop!" and then the little voice -- "no!" and "don't!", but in general, they are getting along quite well.

This morning, Ezra bonked Peter in the head with a toy and Peter was sad. I let them work it out and heard Peter say "give me a hug, Ezra" and then heard them both laughing. :)

The Fitting Room
I'm excited to read the latest book from Bloom's Book Club {now hosted by {in}courage.me} The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter discusses the virtues we should "wear" in a down-to-earth, no-guilt-trips sort of fashion. I'm waiting for my book to come in the mail and I'll be watching Jessica and Angie discuss the chapters online with the author herself!

Playing in the Sprinkler
Poor Peter doesn't typically like to get wet. Last night we were playing in the sprinklers and they automatically switched from flower beds to lawn. He was NOT pleased. He didn't know which way to run to get out of the water, so just stood there screaming and crying. What a kid.

Ezra is a water-baby. He was almost completely soaked after his sprinkler play. So were the blueberry bushes.

So -- remember those tomatoes that we grew from seed in very early spring? They grew so nicely indoors, then we put them outside and had three more hard frosts. But these guys are survivors! Check them out! They are growing little teeny baby green tomatoes!

Giveaway on Facebook 
I'm running my local giveaway for another week {ends June 12, 2011}. If you are in the area and could use a bit of housecleaning help {can't we all?}, follow the instructions to enter the giveaway here: Your Haven Cleaning Giveaway on Facebook

Quilt Naming Contest
And, just for fun, check out the quilt I recently put together...have you submitted a name for it yet? I'd love to hear what you think!

The Letter "W"
This is the PERFECT video for "W" week {starting tomorrow}. Peter is going to love it. =) I love it.