Cilantro and Spinach Pesto

Cilantro. Freshest it'll ever come. Straight out of the garden. Into my mouth, baby. :p

And on the fifth day, God created garlic. The most important vegetable. Aromatic. Antioxidant. Immune system builder. Flavorful.

Eat enough and you won't need a guard dog.

Add a handful of spinach and some pine nuts and you've got a concoction that you'll dream about for nights to come.

I used my Vitamix to blend up these ingredients, starting with the olive oil, garlic cloves and pine nuts, then adding the cilantro and spinach, using the plunger to press down toward the blades. A food processor would do the trick also, perhaps a bit more easily, but we made it work!

Thanks to a little help from our friends.
You will not believe how great this pesto tastes on pasta with a sprinkle of grated parmesan. AMAZING.
And how else were you planning to eat that much spinach or cilantro?

Cilantro and Spinach Pesto
inspired by Savory-Bites {thank you!) 
1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup pine nuts
1-2 cloves garlic {I used FIVE and it was a little tongue-twirling}
handful of cilantro
handful of spinach
salt to taste

First, peel a couple cloves of garlic {really, however many you or your guests can handle}. Dump olive oil, pine nuts and garlic into your food processing machine. Blend on low just for a bit, so things are semi-smooth. Add equal parts of cilantro and spinach {again, if you want it to taste different, change the ratio here} and blend together until nice and green and semi-smooth {you know, pesto-y}.

I added the salt after I spooned the green stuff into a bowl.

Then I tasted it and nearly hit the roof. Fabulous flavor. TOO much garlic. It's still talking to me. But, of course, my husband thought it was perfect. So, you know. All a matter of personal preference.

This is so great. I hope you enjoy it on a slice of french bread or some just-cooked pasta!