Goldfish Math

The kitchen has been rockin' like a boat in the ocean lately, but not to worry, we've also been fishin' for snacks during learning time. This is the first printable worksheet in a while that really fit him developmentally and was FUN.

He even said to me, "mommy, this is a fun game!" {As if he didn't expect it to be...}

We poured a good amount of fish into the "pond" {his blue Lego lid} and then proceeded to count them. He tried the one by one method, but kept getting lost and counting the same fish twice. We tried moving a fish to the other side once it had been counted...but still pretty hard to keep track after about 26. So -- enter counting by 10's!
We made piles of ten and tally marks to represent them. Then we put the leftover fish {that didn't make a pile of ten} in the ones column and came up with a total of 58!

Then we separated the fish by color and counted the color groups.

Time to start fishing. :) Oh oh oh I caught a big one...oh I got two!! Now how many are left? {We reduced the pond to a smaller, easier to count amount of fish...} Man -- one got away from me and jumped back in the pond, now how many are in the water?

So fun. So silly. So educational. Perfect for my four-year-old.

If you would like to try this fun activity, click here for the printable activity sheet!

And now -- back to the kitchen to bake with zucchini and blueberries.