Instant Healing

His heart pounded wildly within his chest as He ran toward the Healer. Lacking the breath to shout "UNCLEAN", he just kept running, tripping, stumbling, eyes fixed on the One who could help him.

It had been too long. Too long isolated. Too long since he had felt a hug, a handshake, even a touch on the shoulder.

No one even came to talk to him. For years.

So when he heard of the One Who Heals, he had to go to Him. He was certain Jesus would care.

There had been a large crowd around Jesus, each with their own agenda. Some listening for truth, others listening for error, some working up courage to believe in His power. Many lonely, feeling unloved.

A young boy saw first the ridiculous-looking man, wild-running, with bandages unraveling, flying behind like streamers on a kite.

He screamed. "Leper coming!!" And the crowd nearly vaporized at the sight.

But Jesus didn't flinch. The little boy hid behind a pomegranate tree -- watching, curious. He stared as the leper slowed his crazy run, then stepped within reach of the Healing hands.

Quickly, not losing any confidence, he spoke.
"I know if you are willing, you can heal me." Matthew 8:2
The boy looked all around and listened. Pure silence. It seemed like even the birds had escaped the scene. Not a human within sight, just desert foliage and those two, looking into each others eyes.

Eyes hopeful, pleading. Eyes compassionate, pleased.
"Of course!" {Thanks for asking...}
Then -- the Touch. Clean touches unclean. Savior touches sinner.

And instantly, healing occurs.

There is a little boy wide-eyed, trying not to blink. He watches baby-new skin form across once acrid wounds. He watches them embrace.

He watches a leper new man laugh.