River Play

Long weekend away
In the river, we did play
In our hearts, we will stay
Cause it was fun in every way

Sappiest verse you've ever read? I know. But I had to.

The next verse would share my extreme pleasure at lying down on my soft bed, my crunched up nose at the smell of our stuffy house, my thankfulness for sleeping children, and the happy sight of my hairbrush and blow dryer.

Followed up by verses of laundry and unpacking woes. Did I say something about a preference for unpacking???

And don't forget the kids -- detoxing from unlimited attention from grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. What? Mom and brother are all I get today? I don't think I will survive!!!! *dramatic sigh* 

I took more than five hundred pictures this weekend. I'm sure you'll see one or two of those soon. Maybe even on my Facebook page.

Stay tuned for preschool talk {I know, it's taking me awhile}, book reviews {I have three I'd really like to share}, meal inspiration, and news about Peter's swimming accomplishments.

What else would you like to know? ;p