Some Words

Tonight I could have had a million amazing pictures of kids playing in the water with their grandparents, but someone brought life jackets, tossing rings, sandwiches, carrot sticks, diapers, two towels, and the check book, but forgot the waterproof camera. Bah.

Imagine a Buzzra jumping around crazy in the water, doing a "sit-jump" and realizing that his head is way underwater when he's sitting on the bottom, so he jumps back up on his feet, water streaming across his smile.

He is a water-lover.

Maybe a mental picture is enough for tonight. I don't have time to share all the amazing pictures I HAVE taken. See?

When did life get on the fast lane? Right around June 21. Or just a few days earlier. Sorry to say, I don't feel like going on a road trip right now. Home is feeling awfully nice. And just a few months ago I was feeling such a spirit of adventure. Oh well -- we ebb and flow. :)

There is just something special about summertime...cold water feels so good.

Birthday party girls can be so cute. I loved photographing this one. She was a DOLL. But a little too tired maybe, to be eating cake. So sweet. :)
And the blueberries that we picked last week are finally processed and in the freezer. Just in time.

There are a few new touches around my blog, have you noticed? I love my new pretty signature, the "HW" favicon {look up in the URL box}, there are new pages to read {have you had time to look up there yet? I think "Meet Us" is pretty sweet}, and my new commenting method, hopefully easier to use. Thank you and welcome new followers!! As Ezra would say -- "tank yu money". Heart-melting.

Love from my fence to yours. Good night. :)