Summer Slam Dunk

Summer is definitely here. 90% of my pictures are going to have water in them. We play in our backyard pool in the morning and cool off at the local outdoor pool in the afternoon.

Nobody minds a little baby bottom, do they? We're not going to waste a swim diaper on backyard play. ;)

It wouldn't be nearly as fun without a hose to squirt with and drink out of. This guy watches his daddy and big brother and is copycatting in minutes.

Think he minds cold water? Not at all.

They are both getting very brave in the water. Just in time for swimming lessons this week.

I don't think we're the only ones who change priorities during the summer. Baths taken in the backyard. Showers from the hose or at the pool. Or not at all.

Cold cereal. Fruit. Chips and salsa. Or hummus.

Butternut squash is to November as watermelon is to July.

And there's less laundry because really, who needs to wear clothes? ;p

Slam dunk. We've got plenty of cold water. A perfect summer playlist. And a watermelon in the fridge.

We've nailed summer. Ready to roll. Bring it on.

--One Thousand Gifts--
68. Midday siesta snuggles.
69. Lazy summer days.
70. Tan lines.
71. Edamame feasts.
72. The smell of sunscreen mixed with sweat.