Today we tried to get to the park before it got too hot. Who were we kidding? It was probably 80 degrees at 7 o'clock. AM.

Today I decided to park by the bathrooms since that's where we begin and end swimming lessons anyway.

Today I had second thoughts about feeding my children watermelon inside.

Today Peter did twenty bobs. At least.

Today I cut three yards of muslin into 6 inch squares.

Today I had a very long battle with Ezra re: sitting in the shopping cart. He's being very TWO lately. Ten minutes later, he backed down, calmed, and let me carry him while Peter pushed the cart. We compromised. Next time I'll bring his shoes.

Today Peter added 4 and 5. One less than ten.

Today I watched Ezra teasing Peter with the hose, with a very mischievous grin on his face, and thought it looked just like Tim teasing me. Someone has a role model.

Today Peter buttered four slices of homemade bread. And ate three. And then started eating Smart Balance off the knife. Yuck. Stop. He did. :)

Today we spent the last hour before bed playing in the cooling off backyard. Spraying each other. Some more happily sprayed than others.

What did you do today?