Changes and County Fair

Transitions. Changing schedules. Losing naps. Starting school.

We are still getting things figured out. And it's been a wild ride. {And thanks to blogger, I'm now trying to figure out the new "seamless" publishing system.}

Speaking of wild rides -- the fair is in town. Peter stared at the wild rocking boat and thinks we should try it. Little does he know. Mommy can't even roll down grassy hills anymore.

Mommy got a huge rush of excitement this morning when she saw her photo named "Adult Best in Class" with a ribbon beside. *happy happy happy* Other photo scored 2nd place and quilt got 2nd too. =D
Elephant ears. Frozen lemonade. Tractor riding. Animals to touch and mimic. The fair was FUN.
And with newly arranged schedule, mommy will be happy to have some personal time every evening. *fingers crossed*

We will survive. But for a couple days there, I wondered.