Confession: I'm reading other people's blogs instead of writing on my own. "10 Ways to Keep Your 2-Year-Old Engaged and Learning" will have to wait. I'm dry on ideas, anyhow. I'm sure blog-reading will provide the necessary inspiration.

Confession: I think I'm actually more excited about homeschooling than my kids are. I'm more excited about watching this little guy wiggle around, forming his chrysalis {incredible!}. I'm more excited about the spinning, textured globe I picked up at an antique store this afternoon.
Confession: I don't know where to post our 5-minutes-on-top-of-hill-in-the-wheat-field-photo-shoot-pictures. Facebook? A dedicated post? Here? Don't know why I deliberate so long.
Confession: Sometimes I find amazing creative ideas online and really can't believe I didn't think of them myself first.

Confession: My next thought is a self-reprimanding one -- silly you, you get all your good ideas online. It's true.

Confession: I spent most of today re-organizing. And shopping. And left at least one room a big mess. For the poor child to sleep in. But he didn't want to sleep in his bed anyway. He prefers the cave of blankets and cushions, under the table. Ok...

Confession: I planned to keep a notebook filled with gifts all week. The first page is still empty. I feel like I have to get everything cleaned and organized before I can DO anything. Oh life.

Confession: I let my kids watch Curious George this morning while I made these cute little beaded key chain thingys to personalize Peter's backpack and lunchbox.
Confession: I wonder sometimes about my readers. Do they skim and go? Do they think "I liked that. I should leave a comment. But I don't have time."? Do they worry that I will think their comment is silly? {not ever}

Confession: I don't need much to make me smile. You can simply type <: )> and I will be uber happy. =D Call me silly...

Confession: I missed seeing my Canadian family this year. I hope more traveling is in the cards for us soon. But I'm enjoying a little nesting season and the coming change of pace.

Confession: Sometimes melancholy music feels just right.

Quick to confess my imperfections. Thankful for His GRACE.