Daoddy's Home

I don't know where the summer went. Why can't I ever say that about the cold months of the year?? They always seem to pass so slow. I guess we started summer early with our Yellowstone Trip, got busy with fair projects and recipe ideas and picking/processing fruit, and then six weeks went by fast with swimming lessons every day {wow, we really did that?}.

SO. Since it's almost middle of August, we decided to write up our Summer Bucket List. Not including all the amazing things we've already done. :) Just the things we really don't want to miss. Cause y'all know it'll be snowing in a few months...wow.

Speaking of weather -- it's on my mind lately. Unit studies on the four seasons {not Vivaldi} coming up.
When I'm not bucket listing.

I focused on cleaning the house this morning -- garbage out, clutter away, dishes cleaned. What do you think the kiddos did to keep themselves busy? Made cracker/chip sandwiches. Really. And then I swept the floor.

Peter's energy is much more manageable when he is engaged in creative play. He is currently building a Grass Transport Machine. Out of Lego. Complete with an airplane awareness light. So airplanes won't crash into it.

This morning the boys built a tent fort at Grandma's house. And played "hide-the-teddy". Peter fine-tuned his cradle bed for "Astro" while waiting for lunch.

This afternoon we enjoyed an impromptu "teachable moment" when we found a ladybug in the house, made him a little habitat, gave him a name and continued observing him with interest. So many questions -- "How do ladybugs breathe?" "What does he want to eat?"

And so begins Learning At Home. Ahead of schedule. On the very tail of finishing my lesson plans. Before the End of Summer Party.

That's OK.

I love watching my boy learn. And draw letters. Backwards. And upside down. Mirror image? Really, it's pretty serious talent.

Welcome HOME Daoddy. We missified you.