Dig Deep

Sometimes you really have to dig for it. 
Dig for motivation. Dig for patience. Dig for courage.

Sometimes you wonder if you need to dig deeper into the dresser drawers for clothes that fit the poor child. 
And maybe dig in a different drawer for some scissors. Anyone else like his hair long? 
Sometimes you dig deep for something OK to say after your {potty trained} four-year-old completely empties his bladder into the car seat. After a huge fit about not peeing in automatic flushing toilets. Mommy tried. Mommy doesn't feel very empathetic to his situation. Mommy is hoping the natural consequences will be some motivation for him.

Sometimes you dig past blackberry vines to find buried cherry tomatoes, untrained, hanging too near the wet ground. But still very edible.
Sometimes you dig for more tickles when two boys can't stop touching the bee in their goodnight book. {It used to be the cow that was interactive, now it's the two bees...bzzzzzzz.}
Sometimes you have to dig deep when your little one cries for his newly gifted lawn mower instead of crawling into bed.
Had to pry his little fingers off the handle. He wanted to sleep with it.
Sometimes you dig deep for an excuse not to do something hard. I smell adventure...

Sometimes you have to dig deep into the homemade cranberry frozen yogurt at the end of another busy day.

It's just a regular day, folks. Gotta get some shut-eye so I can dig deep tomorrow too.

How did you dig deep today?