Exhibit A for Adorable

One day shy of two weeks, this baby doll will give you the baby bug like nothing else. She's so sweet! 

I'm such a novice photographer. Just starting out. I still have so much to learn! I take 200 shots and get 15 or 20 really good ones. Still so many out of focus and blurry shots. But I feel like I'm getting the numbers under my belt. I know I need to shoot at 800 ISO for low light {wish I had a better lens for low light situations, but I'm working with what I got right now!} and I know I can't go below 1/20 or so without a tripod. 

We used natural light as much as possible for tonight's shoot, but baby was restless and tired and after several nursing sessions it was almost twilight. We'll do more another time. I'm so thankful for friends with babies who are willing to let me practice. =) 

See - - isn't she perfect?