First Days

First Days are always hard. First days of school fit that category. Tough for everyone. But it's the hard things that make us stronger right?

Funny I would say that right after talking about spending more time together? Well -- balance. And sometimes what we need is not at home. More on that tomorrow.

But here we are on another first day for many kiddos {not for us -- Peter starts on the 6th}. And most of us would rather be doing something else.

Some would rather be outside. {I donated the mop. Involuntarily. Oh well, it was old.}
Some would rather be eating bananas. {He's been eating 3 or 4 each day!}
Some might rather color half-naked.
But I'm sure all of us can say right now, whatever we are doing, that we're going to miss this.
{Still plenty of time to link up, or get ready for next Sunday's linky party!}

First day of high school will be here sooner than we think.

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