I Have Two Boys

"I think I'll just leave them here."

I regretted saying it immediately, of course. And wished I could take it back and leave that other mother with a better first impression of me.

But my, oh my. They make so much noise!! Sound effects all the way through the showering process and into the locker room. Banging metal locker doors, shimmying around while talking in some almost-recognizable language, pretending to spit? What type of creatures has God given me?


Sometimes I have to make low guttural noises to get their attention. And I'm not sure if all my talk about feelings is making a difference AT ALL.

So today, I'm picking up the book "I'm Outnumbered: One Mom's Lessons in the Lively Art of Raising Boys". The Introduction was very good -- I think she understands. After all, she's raised FOUR. BOYS.

It was a hard morning for me. I was reminded how imperfect my parenting can be and how much I need to learn.

This morning, I wasn't patient with the noise and tumult. I used my very most guttural tone, encouraging rapid calmness.

This morning I realized that my boys are not always going to meet my expectations. And that should be OK.

I'm outnumbered. My needs for peace and quiet may be hard to satisfy in this stage of life.

It may come down to simple pleasures. This morning, Safeway bagels were sure delicious. ;)

I'll let you know what I learn from the rest of this book.

I'm linking up with a friendly blogger, Hill @ Capturing Motherhood, who is hoping to send a message through blog-land: It's About Being Honest
We aren't always perfect. We shouldn't try to appear that way. Let's encourage each other. Picture me {im}perfectly.