Mama Said

Just like sugar, too much inspiration can make you sick.

It's a creative flood, not famine. I'm drowning in good ideas.

Children's book ideas on the brain. Home school curriculum to think about. Lesson planning attempts. Photo shoots. Crafts and learning activities I want to do. Quilts to make and blog about. Tutorials to write. Promoting our new Etsy shop. Article ideas. Home decor projects. Prepping Peter for preschool. Writing a 31 Days series. Getting photos ready for the fair. Learning about Adsense. Service projects brainstorm. Lyrics for song-writing.

I have it all written down. It shouldn't be called a to-do list. More like a go-to-the-nut-house list.

Because as great and wonderful as all those things are, they are keeping me from living completely present with my kids. Oh, balance is so illusive. It is so important for mom to have hobbies and down-time and rejuvenation -- yes! But when mom discovers she has about a gazillion hobbies and not many of them include playing with children, it equals trouble.

It's these days when I try-to-get-everything-done-and-get-nothing-done-at-all that I wonder about my mental stability. The laundry remains in piles beside the washer and dryer, the ladybug rocks left on the front porch swing last night, hummus half-made on the counter, a very muddy pair of shorts on the floor, toys scattered everywhere, food spills still on the table and kitchen floor, and the un-flushed toilet {close to the napper's room -- you know, right?}.

It's that day when I look back and say, "what DID we do?"

Well -- we did play outside a lot. Seems like every time we came in, there were domestic squabbles like contractions on pitocin. So we would head out again.

I have a thousand pictures {more creative flooding} of our fun times outside today. But zero time to watermark and upload. Want to check them out on Facebook this time??

Clutter slows me down. House clutter. Car clutter. Backyard clutter. Browser clutter. Gotta pick it up, put it away, bookmark it, harvest it, set things right.

Things have just not been right this week. {All day today I kept thinking it was Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday.} 
Rhythm is so important. We've been super off schedule this week {I think the kids actually miss the routine of swimming lessons every day}. We need the feeling of anticipated flow, knowing what comes next, feeling connected to our day not drug by it or wishing it would end. I love this description of Rhythm in the Home by Nicole from Frontier Dreams. I believe it. {And I think I have found another online buddy...isn't her blog cool??}

We need to simplify. More.

And that might very well mean less {or less time for} hobbies for mama. In this season. 

{Thanks for listening...thanks to my blog for the cheap therapy...}