Pack a Hard Punch

"I am realizing though, that so much of confidence is output. Giving to others, complimenting friends, recognizing the strengths and successes of those around us and making efforts to build someone else up. When we do that, we in turn are building our own self-confidence, recognizing our own worth and rising to a new level of possibility."

Words from Kelle Hampton's always-thought-provoking blog, Enjoying the Small Things
We had such beautiful weather for our overnight trip this week. It was hot, but the river and the lake were cold. 
It looks so idyllic in the pictures, doesn't it? You don't get to see the huge crying fit thrown at the lake by the two-year-old. 
Or the noisy trail maintenance: sticks turned weed-eaters. You can't see the bugs either.

But we still adventure. For the sake of it. 
Because we'll look back on these pictures and remember the amazing parts of our trip -- the fresh air, the warm sun, the peaceful tranquility.
We'll remember that we did something fun together.

It takes work. Just like it takes work to build someone else up, give complements, recognize strengths, encourage a friend.  
But it's the hard things that matter most. They deliver the biggest punch when you look back on life.

So, be intentional. Take trips with your family. Tell your husband that he's an amazing father {you are, dear}. 
Send an appreciation note to a friend, just because.

Make their day. It'll make yours too.