It sounds like a great idea to me.

Walking and praying. Together at the same time. Early in the morning {in my case}. What a great way to multitask and see results on multiple levels of life! I like efficiency like that.

And I like the idea of repairing my phone connection with God. Lately it's been pretty minimal as I cry out a request and then lose service again. Or my two-year-old hangs up the phone. Prayer by myself, without distraction -- sounds heavenly.

I tried it the other morning -- when my husband was home -- and loved it. My thoughts seemed to travel quickly from one topic to another, somehow related, and I simply prayed about each one. A friend pops into my mind -- pray. A worry crops up -- pray. A teenager on a bike passes, looking forlorn -- pray.

I walked and prayed for about 45 minutes. It works! And it was a fabulous start to my day.

Like Janet says in her book,
"My morning prayer walk has centered my thinking for the day on what God would have me do. I think God sends spiritual endorphins to my needy soul. I have dumped my emotional junk and the day's agenda on him, so I don't have to worry about the piles of ungraded essays or the latest unhappy parent of a student...I have forwarded my e-mail list of worries and fears to God and can delete the whole mess from my in-box. My Personal Trainer has become my companion, not only while coaching me as I prayer walk, but also throughout the rest of my day!"
In her book, Janet discusses ways to find time for prayer walking {you make time}. She  shares the great physical benefits of walking as well as tips to avoid injury. Then there are the prayer tips and the personal stories. So many people have been positively affected by her prayers!

It's a Date with a Savior.
"{When I'm walking} I can stay focused in this silent prayer of awe by focusing on God's love for me. It's like a slow picking of the petals of a daisy with an endless supply, except this meditation is not 'He loves me. He loves me not.' Instead it's 'He loves me. He loves me. He loves me...'"
I enjoyed her stories and inspiration thoroughly, and hope to continue a habit of early morning prayer walking as a great start to my day.

Walk. Pray. Love.

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