Thursday Hike {and Bike}

Getting out for a hike is so helpful sometimes.
We got some serious benefits yesterday: fresh perspective on life, fresh air, fresh views. It's calming.
Maybe it was calming because the little one walks so slow. It was probably calming because I was OK with that. Mostly.
We totally meandered. Waded in the water. Watched the ripples. Played with sticks.
I'm really not sure this kind of adventure should be called a "hike", but that's where we are at these days. And we'll keep up these Thursday "hikes", because that's what habits are made of.
And memories of made of this: seeing three baby raccoons and watching Ezra lose his stroller in the stream. 
We squealed {and I totally scrambled with my camera settings}. We laughed {kindly, and then rescued the stroller}.