Gonna Miss This: Shopping

Two hours of playground and water play for kids = two hours of shopping for mom, right?

No? You are laughing?
You should have seen us at Ross. Or maybe not. I was hot, tired, desperately wishing for some peaceful shopping, trying to be very calm and patient while they head-bonked each other in the cart and then ran wild down the aisles when I let them out.

"Ezra, just let me try these shoes on you."
"Peter, help me catch the little bugger."
"You need to SIT DOWN in the cart."
"Please stop banging the changing room door."

We made it out with two shirts for mom and one pair of shoes for Ezra.
We *may* have left a banana peel somewhere on the store floor.

But you know the thought that struck me?

When I'm fifty or sixty {or forty!} years old, having a glorious shopping experience all by myself, I'm going to be BORED.
I'm going to miss my nutty little children. I'll miss the crazy. Just a bit.

So often we think of parenting as a messy job -- poop, tantrums, and screaming. 
You bet. But you know what? There are a thousand things we will miss. A Thousand. 
So take a picture, write a poem or prose, share an anecdote -- remind yourself of the things you don't want to forget. 
And then blog about it. Inspire yourself, inspire others. 

Share with us this week, because we're all gonna miss this.

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