Inspiration: Nectarine and Blackberry Matrimony

Who knew that nectarines and blackberries were a match made in heaven? All of these people, obviously.
Image Source: The Flourishing Foodie

And you know, if Mr. Nectarine is out with another cheeky berry, Miss Peach will stand in quite nicely.
Image Source: Blackberry Farm

Sometimes the blackberry has to make it alone. And she does quite well.

Image Source: Marcus Samuelsson

And for the bruschetta lovers {you know who you are}:
Image Source: Recipes of Joyful Life

Because of their recent joining and loving each other 
{don't they make a great couple?}, 
I thought we could use some celebratory color celebration. And creative inspiration. 
Enjoy these handmade items made my real people with real lives. 
Treasured on

And then -- because nothing is complete without a good story -- we'll read Blackberry Booties together.
A cute little story about a girl picking blackberries and making woolen baby booties.

Inspired yet? ;)