This was going to be a nicely framed post about playing Hopscotch Math. You know -- two people hopping on one foot, someone yells freeze and the first person to add the two numbers together correctly wins. Cool right?
Instead -- they thought the chalk could be better used as "makeup" and applied it liberally, so as to be as "pretty" as possible.
{BTW, we got nothin' on this chalk-drawin' mama...}

I have a great menu planned for the week and it's even printed and on the fridge. Manicotti, calzones, Spanish rice and more.
Wishful thinking.

Instead -- they loved the "manas" {their new word for bananas, coined by Ezra, that they simultaneously yell loudly more than three times a day} and English muffins with butter and yeast flakes. KISS.
It would be nice to have time to write long, entertaining posts about all the things we have done lately and all the things I want to remember about childhood.

Instead -- I'll make a bullet list.
  • We played at the river, after eating Rachel's very yummy Lemon Cream Pie, but everyone decided the water was too cold for floating and more fun would be had building chocolate cakes out of rocks.
  • We went to a faraway water park to see what everyone's been talkin' about. It was neat. But the kids were too hungry to swim, so we bought pretzels and then dusted all the rock salt off. And then played in the water some more.
  • I thought Ezra's blueberry smoothie snotstashe was funny.
  • We released four of our five butterflies -- the fifth one hadn't "hatched" yet {now it has}. This was the same day I pulled all the unwanted plants out of our garden soil. And wondered if I would ever regain my pincer grasp.
  • Peter's first day {open house} at preschool went well. Had to bribe him with a play date to get him to leave. Didn't work for Ezra -- he left kicking and crying. Think he'll leave hard every day? Think Peter will stay hard? Gotta love my little kidlets.
  • Play date anecdote -- {Peter to female friend}: "You need to come shopping with me so you can tell me what you want." {female friend} "I've got my list!" Ya, can I marry you, son? *joke* ;p Just don't scare the girls with your cardboard mask, dude.
  • Ezra carrying his lawn mower through the house from back yard to front yard without rolling muddy, grassy wheels on the floor. Looks at me like, "am I doing the right thing, mama?" Oh yes, baby, you are makin' mama so happy right now. =D
  • Peter has been playing THE PIANO by ear!! He has a "color book" that has him playing easy songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb and he'll figure out the melody with a little help from the book and then come back later without the book and repeat! He's got a couple songs down pat already! *so proud* AND, he picks out easy intervals by himself. "See mommy, this is an octave!"
  • Now I know why there isn't a lot of talk on mommy blogs about water balloons. Do you?
  • And when the computer battery gets low, Peter says "its love cup is getting empty". Awwwwwwww. ;')