Not Me and Not Them

I wouldn't be missing my mom a big bit. No -- I'm a big girl. I can clean my own house. I can care for sick children with no breaks. I have other people to talk to. I wouldn't wish she would never leave town again. Not me.

I would never contemplate leaving my house in a complete state of disarray all week to do something more productive with my time. Not me.
I wouldn't still feel insecure and clueless about parenting -- no, not me, not after four long hard years of learning. I wouldn't feel like throwing my hands in the air in defeat. Not me.

Don't think I would ever cry my little eyes out after someone talked to me tonight. It wasn't said they said anything hurtful {quite the opposite, it was a blessed 30 seconds of conversation} -- it was the sad fact that {other than my husband} I haven't talked to anyone in at least four days. I wouldn't be so emotionally touched by the short conversation that I began to look at my whole life and question my lifestyle and sanity {or lack thereof} again. I wouldn't wonder if parenthood has swallowed me whole. Not me.

You wouldn't find me feeding my children hot and ready cheese pizza and corn from a can for lunch. Not me.
I would never ask my four year old to put his sight words into sentences so he understands how to use them in context. Not me. {All in good fun of course -- he enjoyed it!}
My child would never dump a full bucket of crayons on the floor so he could use the bucket for something else. Nope.
My child wouldn't pretend to be a queen ant and then pretend to lay eggs out his boy parts. No way.

My children wouldn't fight over who gets to wear daddy's shoes and end up walking around each with one shoe on one foot. Not them.

Heard of Not Me! Monday!? This blog carnival was created by MckMama at My Charming Kids
You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday
Mckmama- Not Me Monday