Not Me Monday

I'm not suffering from trying-to-do-it-all-in-one-day syndrome. No, not me. I didn't do two loads of laundry, pick up two boxes of peaches and a box of apples, get our groceries for the week, rock my sick babe most of the morning, take pictures of quilts to post on Etsy, and teach my preschooler all about ants and measurement all in one day. Not me.
I'm totally not exhausted by 5pm, plowing through a kitchen full of dishes {dishes there since Friday? no way.}, staring at a blank computer screen trying to type up my 31 Days posts. Not me. I'm not tired and ready to jump in bed by 7:30pm.

I wouldn't be behind on my blogging, skipping posts, trying to fill in the gaps with confusing pieces about what I'm not {but really am} doing. Not me.   

I would never walk around the grocery store with baby snot on my shirt, dragging my four-year-old who is "water-skiing" behind the cart. Not me.

I wouldn't post a picture of my three boys in their morning bath, would I? No way.

Or am I? Would I? ;p
Mckmama- Not Me Monday