The Ant's Journey

I've been writing myself dry in the happiness department. It started out being so inspirational. And I was learning a lot. I love learning. I love reading. I love finding gems on the Internet. Seriously. I just click "Stumble" and that's the beauty I find. Amazing. Addicting.

Writing about things I'm passionate about is a fabulous way to be refreshed, as long as I still feel passionate and it is still refreshing.

Today I needed a bit less research and more dialogue. And some Colbie Caillat to sufficiently bring me around to my real self. Connected. Aware of my deepest feelings, which get really muddled in the midst of crying, clawing two-year-olds and tormenting big brothers.

I've been collecting little pieces of beauty and inspiration at I love it so much. What a fun resource. Only downside is it makes we wish I had more time for holiday cooking and decorating. Seriously. My house is a wreck. But the blogging and sleeping horses are in the lead right now. {Have you read this yet? I'll probably mention it again -- love her wisdom.}

Inspiration has been seriously lacking in the photography department. I try to capture moments in full sun and come out with over-exposed, sun spots, junk photos. I can't get food photography figured out. Kids are moving too fast. I've hit a very dry spot. I hope to get out of my funk this weekend. New places and hopefully some good sleep tonight will help.

Sleep. Oh -- don't even get me started. It's been rough. Well, maybe if I were asleep right now, I'd be OK. It's 4 o'clock, guys.
Ya, I'll probably be awake again in twelve hours. Love you, red.
And so the ants keep marching. Doing their job, best they can. Me too. But man, I'd like to be a butterfly for a minute -- flying free of responsibility, wherever I please. I probably would have embraced high school more if I knew "real life" would be like this. But oh, how I raced toward adulthood, wanted it so bad.
We took an assortment of food out to the ants this morning --an experiment to see what they like.
It seems they would simply prefer to eat the food on our kitchen floor, not out in the hot sun.
Just look at the inspiration I've been finding online:
Yes. Relationship building tasks are now on my to do list. And I think I'll put a little "butterfly flying" on the list too. 

And mom, if you're reading, this message is for you. :-p
Happy weekend flying.