Break the Rules | Day Ten

So. You’ve got your routines and rhythms all figured out. Mealtimes are working. Bedtimes appropriate to age. It’s all good.

Time to break the rules. *just for a minute -- it’ll be OK* ;)

Children remember the times we broke the rules, the times we decided to do something a tiny bit on the wild side.

Peter remembers the time we went camping and stayed up a little later than usual, roasting marshmallows. He remembers the spontaneous trip to Dairy Queen for a shared ice cream cone.

He remembers the long drives to Canada or to the beach. And the fun we had there.

It’s the unexpected things that sometimes make the best memories.

Take your kids to the beach for the day, stay late to watch the sunset, then get ice cream and sprinkles all over your face on the way home -- this mom really knows how to make a child’s day memorable.

The next day might be harder...or not, depending on the flexibility of your child. But it will be worth it.

Because children love little happy surprises.

How have you surprised your children lately?

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