Eat Vegetables | Day Twenty-One

Happy children eat their vegetables.

Easier said than done.

My firstborn seemed to wake up one morning {shortly after turning two} and decide all things green, crunchy and not smelling like cheese {*exaggeration*} were not to be eaten.

They have their days. Peter {thanks to Grandma Sherry} went through a celery stage for a while and that taught me a lesson. Your children might like vegetables you don’t like. Make them accessible. I still forget to buy celery for him...wretched stringy stuff...

You know how important the vitamins we get from vegetables are, right? We’re talking Vitamin A {squash, carrots, sweet potato, kale, spinach}, Vitamin C {broccoli, red pepper, cabbage}, fiber {brussel sprouts, green beans, beets, cauliflower}, and antioxidants {artichokes, asparagus, spinach} among many other things.

I love these tips from WebMD:
Add veggies to dishes you already love.
Try them in soup.
Slip them into salads.
Increase the fun factor.
Drink your veggies.
Grill them!

At least once a week in our house we whiz up some kale and spinach in either a smoothie or juice. The kids love making these and drink them down in no time flat.

You child’s long-term happiness depends on you encouraging healthy habits like a balanced, nutritious diet. So slip some veggies onto their plate or into their glass and sing a little song about broccoli. ;)

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