Gratitude | Day Sixteen

“Gratitude is so closely associated with happiness that it’s practically the same thing.” 
Christine Carter, author of Raising Happiness

Happy children are grateful children.

Think gratitude comes naturally? Or do we come out of the womb feeling pretty entitled and continue on our demanding path of “give me what I deserve” through toddlerhood and into the preschool years?

I believe that thankfulness and gratitude must be taught. Modeled, instructed, encouraged.

Here are some ways to teach gratitude that author and scientist Christine Carter recommends:
  • gratitude lists {talk about what you’re grateful for around the table or before bed and keep a running list to look back on}
  • gratitude letter {work together to write a letter to someone, expressing what you appreciate about them -- ways they have impacted your life and you are grateful for -- this could be a teacher, a family member, a friend...anyone!}
  • make a habit of listing “three good things” that happened that day, before going to bed {what a fun habit to get into with your child -- helping you savor the moments more -- “oh this is going to be one of my three good things tonight!”}
Basically -- make gratitude a habit.

“Encouraging our kids to look hard for a reason to actually feel grateful for unpleasant events or difficult relationships teaches growth and promotes change.” quoted from this article found at the Greater Good Science Center

“Gratitude implies humility—a recognition that we could not be who we are or where we are in life without the contributions of others.” from this article by Dr. Robert Emmons, author of “Thanks: How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier

“You’ll feel stronger, more energized, determined...”
{learn more by watching Christine Carter’s interview on The View from the Bay, as seen below}

I'm grateful for you, my readers -- thanks for sticking with me while I write and write and write. :) Thank you for your comments. Thank you for sharing my series and my blog with your friends. Thank you for grace.

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