How to Love | Day Fifteen

I don’t believe we’re born knowing how to love. We definitely feel a need to BE loved, but we don’t naturally come programmed to love others -- completely, unconditionally, without judgement or hope of something in return.

Children must be taught how to love.

Again -- one of the best ways to teach is by example. How do you talk to your child? Do you speak with grace and give second chances? Do you show by your actions that above all, you love your child?

I’ve seen big brother take on the parenting role and start counting and yelling -- “Ezra, you need to come here RIGHT NOW....3...2...uhoh, now I have to come get you”. It’s obvious that he’s taking cues from me. So -- I’d rather model very patient and gentle {still firm} methods, so the brothers will learn to treat each other with patience and kindness too.

They’re watching us.
They’re learning how to love their grandparents by watching how we treat our parents.
They’re learning how to love friends by watching how we treat our friends.
They’re watching the way we treat our spouses and talk about them to others -- and that will impact the way they think about and treat their parents.

So we teach -- mostly by example. And a lot of hugs and kisses.

Because happy children know how to love others. 

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