Life Commandments | Day Two

Recently I’ve heard myself saying things to my oldest son that sound a lot like life commandments.

Keeping people happy is more important than getting what you want.
You are not the only person in the world.
Don't wait for mommy to tell you that it's not OK.
The world can be a hard place, keep your brother close.

Well -- maybe not THAT close. ;p

They are rules -- rules that will help everyone retain happiness, rules that guide us throughout life in our personal relationships, in our work, in our play.

Children don’t automatically understand how to find true happiness. They are very egocentric at first, thinking that if they get the toy they want, the food they want, the experience they want -- that then they will be happy.

So it is important for parents to teach them these life rules -- that giving to others makes us feel happy too, that thinking about another person’s feelings will help you too, when they decide to consider your feelings in return, that your conscience will keep you safe when mommy can’t, that family bonds are strong and super valuable.

It’s NOT about instant gratification.

What life commandments have you been teaching your children?

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