Model It | Day Thirty-One

"What you teach your own children is what you really believe in."
--Cathy Warner Weatherford

And now, all these things that we've talked about over the past thirty days -- do them. Model them. Teach your child by example. Show them what you believe in.

Get enough sleep, serve others, spend quality time with your friends, be spontaneous, enjoy playing outside, love in many languages, show empathy, eat your vegetables, be organized, laugh, be polite, pray.

You are your child's best teacher.

Your child watches how you interact with your friends, how you fight with your spouse, and what foods you eat. They listen much better when we'd rather they didn't.

We need to be real, but we also need to be careful.

We should practice what we preach, ask forgiveness when we've messed up, and give plenty of hugs. We need to demonstrate happy habits -- positive stress-management, self-respect and self-discipline, financial smarts, and a strong work ethic.

If we want our children to value reading, we read our own books while they play. If we want our children to be healthy, we drink spinach in our smoothies {and hide in the garage when eating chocolate}. :p If we want our children to be independent thinkers and not follow every trend, we might want to change our buying habits.

Whatever your values, whatever your greatest wishes for your children, whatever the lessons you want to teach, remember that children learn best by example. And you are their first and finest teacher.

Happy children have the best role models -- their parents. 

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