One Thousand Gifts: 10.29

"Dear God, thanks for this beautiful life and forgive me if I don't love it enough."
~thousands of gifts~
the amazing colors and beauty this time of year, especially in our little neighborhood
the warm goodness of biscuits coming out of the oven
Peter saying {while cleaning up shoes and UNO cards that had been thrown all around the room} -- "man, this is hard work".
the anticipation for the last line of one of his favorite books "and we'll rock and rock and rock to sleep" and his rocking in my lap
Peter saying with purpose -- "one day I'll find a really good wife who has hair like daddy, and takes good showers."
Peter hard questions: "How do the planets know how to orbit around the sun? Do they have a radio inside them?"
"Will it be warm in heaven? Will there be electricity in heaven?"
the almost frosty air coming in my bedroom window matched with the warmth of my down comforter
Peter calling out -- "it's time to start the day!" at just after five o'clock
listening to the kids reading together in their room
finding crumpled up leaves in your underwear {a reminder of earlier leaf play}
feeling inspired to cook and bake and listening to fun new music
finding such joy in photography and getting just the right settings using manual mode
hearing Ezra's soft and so genuine "thank you"
the smell of wood smoke