One Thousand Gifts | 9.8

~thousands of gifts~
playing freeze tag with four people, one of them two
happy gymnastics class with a fabulous teacher
dark early morning walks in the rain, by myself
neighbors who play with us in the rain and share their fun toys
Peter's school friends -- "I have one boy friend and LOTS of girl friends"
listening to three kiddos reenacting the 5 little monkeys song while jumping on the bed
reading good night moon for the 589th time
Peter's play dough butterfly that is going to fly away and "then we won't have play dough anymore"
realizing happiness IS a clean house = embracing the "J" in "I{S/N}FJ"
being so blessed by Kelle Hampton's blog and quotes like this one:
"The story my kids will tell someday depends on me. I am writing their book, and I want their childhood chapters full of traditions and stories and memories of the comforts of home."
husbands who hold tight when emotions send me into turmoil
two year olds singing Amazing Grace
thinking about Canadian winters
park play dates
four year olds who include the little ones and try to teach them their colors
helpful strangers who helped me pry my screaming little son out of a ride-in toy at a garage sale
generally happy children