Coping with an overwhelming life.
Re-evaluating priorities.
Detoxing after writing for 31 days in a row.
Drinking in fall beauty.
Playing in the leaves.
Failing miserably in the kitchen.
Spending more time with my husband.
Planning learning activities and family time for the coming week.

And now trying to fit writing back in there somewhere.

I wonder if a spider ever hurries while spinning its web. Because it really doesn't have time. Because it really needs to be in two other places doing a thousand different things. I wonder if a spider needs to analyze his priorities.
Probably not. Mr. {Mrs?} Spider probably doesn't have nearly the choices, nearly the options of things to do with his time. Most likely a simpler, easier way to live life.

But there is blessing in having choice in the way I spend my time. I simply wish there was more of it.

Every minute spent here in the warm sunshine and crisp fall air, piling up and tossing leaves...every one of these moments is joy-filled. And time slows as I forget about the beans on the stove and the posts I want to write and the crumbs on the floor. Time slows as I enjoy the precious moments.
For us -- we're learning that it's about doing the things we love. Not saying yes to everything and everyone. Not doing the things that other people love. Or want us to love. It's doing what we love.

So we do have to say no to things. Which is very hard for me. I want to go to everyone's parties, I want to make food for everyone who needs it, I want to schedule play dates with everyone. Well, I *want* to....to make you happy. {ya know?} But it might compromise our families happiness, which no -- that's not what I want. It's really tough.

I might need another few minutes in the leaves to sort it all out. 
Bottom line: We are here on this planet for a purpose. We need to live with purpose. We only have so much time. We need to prioritize with this in mind. It's all about stewardship. And probably goal-setting too. Aaaaah...I feel my brain taking a little trip toward Family Mission Statement writing.

Because in everything we choose to do, we should ask -- "Does this activity line up with what we want for our family?" "Is my time spent here helping me reach my personal goals?" 

I think when the kids wake up {oh blessed long-forsaken Sabbath afternoon nap}, I'll play some piano and we'll make some music to praise Jesus. Because the answer to those two questions would be YES and YES.

And then we'll probably bundle up and go back outside. Because we're still falling in love with fall.