Not Me Monday

Ya, I know. It's Tuesday. I seem to be getting everything done a day late these days. Good thing Tim is in charge of getting the garbage out. This was supposed to be a "Not Me Monday" post, but it's too late to link up and sometimes my brain can't quite work through the double negatives, so let's just do a simple "It's Me, Monday Tuesday" post. How's that?

I have this problem with opening a can of pureed pumpkin and then feeling obligated to make a double batch of whatever it is I'm baking, or maybe three other recipes that call for pumpkin. And then I'll be in the middle of my fourth recipe and need another half cup of pumpkin after emptying that first can. So I open another. And it can get a little out of hand. 

I get excited about new seasons and start dreaming and pinning and come up with amazing crazy ideas for parties and invite all some of my friends and then realize I've bitten off WAY more than I can chew and I have to scale back to everyone-bring-a-pizza-and-we'll-paint-pumpkins and then the kids spend about five minutes painting and the rest of the evening tearing around the house like little undirected hoodlums. Which is obviously normal.
But I pictured them quietly painting and listening to me read stories.
I latch onto ideas like Operation Christmas Child and think about how great it will be for my kids to think about others and lose their ego-centrism for even a moment and we spend a blissful hairy two hours shopping for toys, school supplies and personal hygiene items and just barely make it home for bedtime, without supper. And I'm not sure the idea of gift-giving got across, but I'm pretty sure the idea of stay-in-the-shopping-cart did. And the tears may or may not have been worth it.
But I just wanted to make a fun memory and teach them to be generous.
I am trying to create a gift list for the holidays, all the items handmade, of course, some sewn with the sewing machine I gave away in a moment of frustrated "I'm-never-going-to-have-time-to-do-anything-fun-by-myself-ever-again" and each perfect for the recipient, even though I don't even know their favorite colors. #hardtohavedeeprelationshipswithfarawayrelatives I just want to be the best, genuinest gift-giver ever, and this happens every holiday season and I get super overwhelmed and typically give up, with not much to show for all my mental agony. My love language is not gifts. But I wish I could do better!

I feel so depressed that I can't keep my kids happy all the time. I don't like being the "mean mom". I hate it when they cry. I know I have to be firm, but it's the hardest thing about this job. I get so weary.

I argue with my child about how many stickers should go on the OCC shoe box. He wants only one on each. I think more would be pretty. #whocares?

I hover, picking up the sticky pieces of rice off my children's clothes and up from the floor as they drop. I entreat my children to lean over the table, to try very hard not to make messes. I might be slightly annoying.

I'm a day late. I'm trying to kick this perfectionism thing. I'm consistently disappointed in myself.
And yet I'm always trying so hard.

I feel like this post needs a happy ending. A great quote. Something!

Aha. Perfect. {thanks for pinning this, Sarah!!!}
{guilty as charged. don't look so shocked, mom!}

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