One Thousand Gifts: 11.13

"Make me blessing, God of Grace, and make me Bread, Bread of Heaven and I will not let go of you until you make me a blessing, God who is a river of blessings and calls all the blessings to flow on and on, never running out."
~Ann Voskamp in Ecuador
~thousands of gifts~
the giggles amid popping packing bubbles
moonlit walks with my husband
piles of husband-made bagels on kitchen counters
long family stroller walks, with cries of "Christmas lights!"
such creative drawings and other Peter creations
leaf throwing
kids enjoying bath time together
visiting Ecuador vicariously
seeing an owl in early morning light
inspirational sermons
snuggles with my sleepy two-year-old
cleaning helpers, he now vacuums and cleans mirrors!
time to relax
seeing faraway grandparents on the computer screen
watching parades with friends
three day weekends
my loving husband
that we have more than enough