School Room Reveal

This room has been in progress for a LONG time. It started out as Peter's nursery when we first moved to town. 
Then it was the "piano room". Then Ezra's nursery. Then Peter's room again. 
And now, finally, with both boys sleeping on their respective bunks in one room, we have a school/play room and I'm excited. :)
My husband put up the shelves yesterday {thank you honey!}. Here you can see pipe cleaners and beads, scrabble tiles, crayons, and flash cards on shelves. The silly twine/clothes pins deal is what I call the "word wall". I pin sight words up there for us to review {haven't done much of this yet, but we will}. And after my scary spilled-water-on-laptop experience, I am happy to start using this on-the-wall screen for Curious George viewing and hopefully {with the addition of a keyboard and mouse} Starfall.
On the other shelf we have art materials -- stamps, pens, pom-poms, paper punches, watercolor paints, and stickers, as well as some learning supplies -- cuisenaire rods and dominoes. My husband and I made these fabulous pallet bookshelves....which of course don't hold even half of our books...but they look cool. :)
I made the paper chain quite a while's held together OK. With a few staple repairs here and there.
Just don't hang on it, please.
See -- there are the dominoes. Currently being used for building projects. And demolition.
Goodwill curtains that I LOVE. Puppet theater that I made and the kids have yet to get interested in.
And musical instruments on the right.
And the toys!! Lego, pretend food and kitchen supplies, cars, magneatos, letter tiles, and more.
Like it? I think it'll work for us. =)