We Found Some White Stuff

Everyone has been talking about snow on Facebook. Either they have it already, or they don't want it to come, or they do.
We don't {have any yet}. So we went up about _____ ft in elevation {really, I have no clue}, and found some.
More than we expected to find! Good thing we brought the big kid's snowshoes.
Our first priority was photo shoot -- getting some fun shots for our Christmas card this year. We set up the tripod and got right to it, numb fingers trying to work the working-half-the-time remote, amping the kids up for smiles, trying to hold the garland just right.
It would have been cool with just white behind the red pink{?} letters, but seriously? You can't ask for much better with a two year old. We got the shot.
And then we tried the whole >hold-your-kids-upside-down thing that I saw on Pinterest. And managed to get both kids crying. Well, Ezra was crying already, cause his gloves got wet and thrown into the snow and his hands were now a deep shade of cold purpley red.
Maybe next year.

Phase Two: Put Ezra in the warming car to heat up. Phase Three: Toss Peter into the snow and do our level best to make a crazy snow-lover out of him.
Check and check. 

Time flew, we got some more fun pictures. We played "snow olympics" {run as fast as you can through three feet of snow without falling}. We tossed snow in cute faces. We watched the snow plow.
And then we got back on the road, headed home. Fun drive, great fluffy snow, nice day trip. We'll work on the glove thing for Ezra and go back up soon.