Greatest Gift | Guest Posting at Five Minutes for Faith

My kids don’t know who Santa Claus is.

They watched all the children running to get in the “sit-on-Santa’s-lap” line at the Christmas tree lighting. They saw him at Walmart. To them, he’s a large funny looking older man with a white beard and red coat. They don’t get it.

My husband, thinking it might be wise to do a little explaining, tells the “legend of Santa Claus” — that kind old man who brings toys to boys and girls. He leaves out the bit about the elves and the reindeer. Still, their interest in the man in the red suit lasts only a few seconds. Christmas lights are much more entertaining to them.

And the thought crosses my mind — these kids, the ones pressing closer, clutching their wish lists…they’ve been hyped up on Santa. They’ve been taught to seek him, they’ve been coming to sit on his lap since they were infants, they are beginning to think maybe he CAN fit down the chimney. They’re being taught to believe in him.

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