No Power

Yesterday I had written on my list of things to do -- "turn out all the lights and have a candle-lit evening, pretend there's no power". I have long-ago memories of the candles and the blankets and the feeling of closeness that accompanies doing without. We had to stick together to stay warm, to think of things to do.

So this morning when the lights flickered and the power was out, I smiled. Too bad it was on again before I could get the candles lit and the mood set. But I turned the lights off again and watched my children's faces as they looked thoughtfully into the flickering flames. I thought about their futures and remembered the joys of this year, and then laughed as Ezra blew flame into smoke. That's what candles are for, right?
The Gypsy Mama creates community every Friday with her Five Minute challenge -- write freely for five minutes. Write freely. She chose the perfect word for this season of anticipation. 


Set the timer. Go. 

Closed is the chrysalis holding new life. Closed is the window holding out fresh air. Closed is the door keeping us safe and warm.

But when you say open -- I hear you say new, fresh, opportunity.

Arms must be open to receive embraces. Lips open to kiss.

Presents must be opened.

Eyes open. Hearts open.

I'm starting the new year open to new truths, new experiences, new love. Being open might mean risk.

I never was very good at writing fast. But it's a good practice.

More on this risk-taking and new experiences bit soon. Exciting things just around the corner. And I'm open. And super thankful that the events of 2011 have brought me to this point. God has been close and has been teaching me much.

So blow out the candles and open the shades. Embrace the power of being completely open to a future carved out by an all-knowing Father. Open to grace.