One Thousand Gifts | 12.3

the happy sounds of hide and seek -- loud counting and squeals
friends riding bikes together
cries of "carrot juice time!"
how excited they were to see daddy after missing him all week
the sun, just over the horizon, sharp rays of warmth, bringing a new day
watching him create mazes for me
how he says "oitmeal"
S+'s on his progress report
boys collaborating as they pretend play -- "you take this to the fire house, I'll drive the truck"
Peter admitting that he hid that piece of his tummy
invented games called "rocky rock" that both brothers enjoy
handled disappointment when brother breaks Lego toys or pretend fish hatcheries "oh well, let's build it again"
slide racing 
my tomato cage Christmas trees lighting the room
Peter riding as passenger in the Jeep
high school band Christmas concerts
sitting really close to the fire
photos like this that remind me of warmer seasons