Just In Case

Often I'm up at the crack of dawn {mostly because I'm too tired to stay awake past 8 o'clock in the evening}. This is when I get a lot of my blogging done. Once this week, I got so into what I was writing that I forgot to get out the door to Jazzercise. Ooops.

I didn't wash my hair for three days this week. The second day was on purpose. The third day I was so caught up in sewing quilt #2 that I skipped a shower altogether, trying to make as much progress as possible before running Peter off to school.
I finally got back in the kitchen today, reclaiming it as my own after my husband's cooking spree on Sunday. Ya. That took me awhile, eh? We've been eating raisin bread and bagels and pumpkin cookies. And yogurt with granola. And oranges and grapefruit, lest you be afraid. So today I organized the pantry and then made cheater's manicotti and scones. Not sure if the manicotti will be edible, and pretty sure the scones aren't. I really need to stop doubling recipes.

I can't tell you why we have three bottles of lemon juice in the fridge. It might have something to do with sharing my kitchen with a man. Really, this could happen to anyone. We'll laugh about it later.
The kids got glitter all over the floor this morning. I was planning to do a cool bean collage with them -- you know, stick beans to glue or something -- and then the glitter was an afterthought. Really, I'm horrible with crafts. Peter ended up trying to figure out how the sprinkling holes worked and dumped half the glitter on the table. I ought to send my kids over to Brianna's house for arts and crafts. Truly.
Sometimes it takes me a whole week to get a post up, from start to finish. I'll upload and edit the pictures one day, then get them on the blog and formatted the next, then type up the recipe, then work on the wording of it all. I photographed those cookies on Sunday, and the post went up four days later. I like to write and schedule posts in advance, to avoid that unattractive scrambling, but that rarely happens.

The other day, I went back to my sewing machine after dropping Peter off at school. Ezra was dealing with my emotional absence alright...for awhile. Then he started to get obnoxious and began threatening to unplug my machine. So I dropped it all and we played hide and seek.

I desperately need creative expression in the middle of all the monotony of motherhood, but it's difficult to find the correct balance. Something always has to slide, to make room for the new thing.
So there you have it. Just in case you thought I had it all together. Or something. :)