Just Some Chatter

Lest you think I've up and left for Ethiopia already...

Nope. Still here. Just bleary eyed and bone-tired. Really, who knew being a stay at home mom and homemaker would be so back-breaking and emotionally draining? Well -- I've been cutting fabric and setting up Noah's Ark in the kids' division at church and making mushroom soup from scratch too. I'm not watching soaps all afternoon.

Today Peter wrote number sentences -- all the numbers that add up to ten. 5+5, 9+1, 8+2, 7+3, 6+4, and 10+0. And his "us" word family included "plus" and "puss".

He made me laugh out loud at his {I think he was serious} comment this afternoon {I hope laughing didn't offend him...but does he really understand what "misunderstand" means??}. OK, here's what he said, after peeing on his pants instead of into the toilet {poor guy, and he was in the bathroom stall, just pulling down his pants} -- we were walking down the gym hall back to the car to drive home for fresh pants and as he waddles along he says, "Man, I'm going to be misunderstood forever!" Ya. I couldn't help laughing.

I got a good licking from Buzz today. I kept saying "put your tongue away!" {teasing, at first} and he would, with a silly smile. Then it would come out again and go for my face or hands. He didn't seem to think my jeans tasted too bad either...

I spent Monday afternoon with four children zooming around the house, taking turns on the plasma cars.
Have I shown you our new favorite toys??
I have three recipes chomping at the bit, but my photo ops have been less than desirable. Two year old assistants, fading light, and uh, well, no light at all for tonight's cottage cheese patties. But we enjoyed eating them {even the kids!!} and I saved a few in the fridge for tomorrow. Hopefully I can figure out how to dress up those tasty brown blobs for a picture.
I finished all but three items on my to do list from last week {although some of the items need to be done again, you know how it is...} Who knew the floor would need to be swept more than once a week? Seems like we always did that on Fridays growing up....but man, I don't even remember. But what I would really like to do is organize the clothes in my closet and get that desk cleared off. It's not at the top of the list of priorities right now, unfortunately.

Getting outside with my lil' dude is. And giving him tickles when he insists on licking me. 
Hoping to be able to blog more faithfully soon...