Last Day of January

What I'm eating: Applesauce, almond butter and honey on homemade raisin bread.

What I'm wearing: Old Navy Jeans and an eggplant turtleneck. Pretty typical.

My last Amazon purchase: Whistlefritz DVD -- Spanish for Kids

What I need to do today: Get groceries. Put groceries away. Bake calzones.

What the kids are doing: Playing "dentist". "Ezra, open your mouth very wide and I'll put this in. OK, you're done. Good job!"

How I'm feeling: Very tired. Physically. Mentally. Sore muscles from working out hard. A couple of rough nights with coughing Ezra.

What I'm listening to: "It's Naptime" from Charlie Hope's album "I'm Me" {best children's music ever!}

Next blog post: Food inspiration for February {if I manage to get inspired}.

Words to describe January: Busy. Inspired. Marathony. Sewing. Frozen. Icy. Creative. Pretend.

Favorite January photo: