One Thousand Gifts | 1.13

Lest you think this has turned into a food, that's just our lives THIS week. Real life certainly ebbs and flows. I'm hoping we'll have more time for other things soon. For now, we're enjoying the goods in the kitchen.

Reflecting comes naturally in this cold, wintery season. Thinking about lessons learned and our favorite things.

One of my favorites this year has been starting to intentionally count gifts. Something I do much more regularly and thoughtfully some days than others. I really just need a notepad and pen to jot things down when they come to mind. So much of it is thought and forgotten. There's my first resolution -- get a Thousand Gifts Notebook.  

{Update -- I've got one and it's on the circle table. Unfortunately, under a pile of other things including my camera and latest book, both not getting much attention lately. Ebb and flow. You wanna know something cool about ebb and flow? I got to hold a brand spanking new baby today. Didn't let that moment pass me by.} 
Because the more we consciously savor the blessings of life, the more blessed life becomes.

~thousands of gifts~
the loud rumbling of plasma cars chasing across tile seams
Ezra's expression: "huh?" {always makes me laugh}
how he says so plaintively "please come Petah, please come"
my dear husband who rubs lotion into my weary, cracking, dried-out hands
friends who {although 8 years older} play so well with my Ezra
singing Amazing Grace together at bedtime, all four of us
the help of the dishwasher after a crazy day in the kitchen
listening to inspiration like this while I fold laundry
helpful Joanne's employees
successfully cranking out all three requested recipes {who knew you'd want them all?!}
the magic of watching siblings meet their new baby sister
getting to hold that dear 5 pound bundle of cuteness
having help moving Noah's Ark
piling all the stuffed animals into the ark
writing limericks with my husband
reading the Jesus Storybook Bible with Peter
remembering this and intentionally planning time to spend together
feeling stronger after a year of Jazzercise
the I-am-so-blessed feeling that comes after pondering life's gifts