{RL} Chores

{RL} = Real Life
A very small glimpse into my real life. Which today feels very real. And real messy.
 I feel extremely crippled when I have a list this long. A list mostly made up of "extras"...things that don't have a place in our regular schedule. You know -- like organizing the closet. I still have a drawer full of shorts in there. Maybe I should just put it off a few {six} more months.

Where do I start? Just do the next thing. 

So in between showering and circle time and playing at the park and making lunch and snacks and changing diapers {hopefully less than yesterday*} and otherwise occupying my two active boys, I'll be cleaning mirrors and toilets and floors and closets and trying to get the laundry done {that IS on the list for today}.
I'll let you know how it goes.

*telling you the reason might be TMI ;)